Many people who buy an extended car warranty constantly worry whether something they do (or fail to do) may inadvertently void that extended car warranty. This worry may be due to the lack of information on what may void the warranty. This article discusses three specific things that may void your extended car warranty.

Using Fluids that Don't Meet Manufacturer Specifications

Carmakers usually devote extensive resources to identifying which fluids (such as engine oil) will be the best for the performance and durability of their cars. Consequently, each carmaker specifies what kind of fluids or lubricants should be used in each car model. When you use a different kind of fluid that does not meet the specifications provided by the manufacturer and then your car develops problems due to that choice you made, then the provider of that extended car warranty may void the part of the extended warranty that talks about the problem you are experiencing.

Not Keeping All Your Service or Repair Receipts

Providers of extended car warranties may not restrict where you choose to service or repair your car. However, they usually insist that you service your car in accordance with the guidelines provided by the carmaker. For instance, extended warranty providers expect you to change the engine oil at the intervals suggested by the carmaker. In case you serviced your car from a place that is different from a dealership, you should keep all the receipts so that, when a problem occurs, those receipts can confirm that you never deviated from the manufacturer's recommendations. Your extended car warranty may be voided if there are no records to show that repairs or service done by independent technicians or facilities were in line with the stipulations of the warranty agreement.

Towing When Your Car Wasn't Designed to Tow

Towing a trailer stresses the tow vehicle in many ways. For instance, the engine may overheat due to that added load that it is being made to carry. It is for this reason that you should avoid towing a trailer if your car wasn't made to perform such tasks. This is because it may develop faults such as a blown cylinder head gasket (due to overheating caused by towing) and the extended warranty may be voided.

All the mistakes above can be avoided if you read the extended warranty contract carefully so that you learn what is prohibited under that agreement. For more information, you may want to contact a local warranty or insurance company like New Extended Car Warranty